Image Name Ratings Difficulty
VITAMIX FOOD PROCESSOR – Is it worth it_ review + recipes Difficulty: Advanced
ZUCCHINI LASAGNA – The best zucchini lasagna recipe Difficulty: Medium
ZUCCHINI FRITTERS – Healthy, gluten-free, low-carb, keto recipe Difficulty: Easy
WHITE SANGRIA WITH MANGO AND BERRIES – Fruity white wine sangria Difficulty: Easy
WHITE CHICKEN CHILI – The best dang chili recipe + so easy Difficulty: Easy
VERY BEST LENTIL SOUP – Vegetarian one-pot lentil soup recipe Difficulty: Medium
THE BEST FALAFEL RECIPE – Crispy fried and baked falafel (vegan) Difficulty: Medium
TERIYAKI CHICKEN – Easy 20-minute chicken recipe Difficulty: Medium
TACO SOUP – An easy, healthy dinner recipe Difficulty: Easy
TACO SOUP – An easy, healthy dinner recipe Difficulty: Easy
TACO SALAD RECIPE – Easy, healthy and customizable to all diets Difficulty: Easy
STUFFED PEPPERS – Stuffed bell peppers recipe + meal prep tips Difficulty: Easy
SHEPHERD’S PIE RECIPE – How to make shepherd’s pie easy + healthy Difficulty: Medium
SCALLOPS with CITRUS GINGER SAUCE – How to cook scallops Difficulty: Easy
OVERNIGHT OATS – Easy, healthy breakfast & 6 flavor ideas! Difficulty: Easy
NO BAKE COOKIES – Easy chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe Difficulty: Medium
LEMON BARS – Easy, healthy, gluten-free lemon bars Difficulty: Medium
HOW TO MAKE ZUCCHINI NOODLES – 5 different ways Difficulty: Medium
HOW TO MAKE KALE CHIPS – Crispy, delicious, healthy snack Difficulty: Easy
HOW TO MAKE CAULIFLOWER RICE – Easy cauliflower rice recipe Difficulty: Easy
HOW TO COOK SPAGHETTI SQUASH – Easy roasted spaghetti squash recipe Difficulty: Easy
HEALTHY SNACKS – To meal prep for the week (super easy!) Difficulty: Easy
HEALTHY BREAKFAST CASSEROLE – With turkey, spinach and artichoke Difficulty: Easy
GOLDEN MILK (TURMERIC MILK) – Dairy-free, vegan golden milk recipe Difficulty: Easy
EGG SALAD – How to make the BEST egg salad recipe + collard wrap Difficulty: Easy
EASY BARBACOA RECIPE – Perfect for tacos, burritos, bowls, and salads! Difficulty: Medium
EASY & HEALTHY SOUP RECIPES – Vitamix soup recipes Difficulty: Medium
DEVILED EGGS – How to make the best deviled eggs recipe (paleo, keto, whole30) Difficulty: Easy
CREAMY CHIPOTLE SHRIMP – Best easy shrimp recipe (low-carb & keto) Difficulty: Medium
COCONUT MACAROONS – Easy, almost healthy, coconut cookies! Difficulty: Easy
CILANTRO LIME CHICKEN – Easy & flavorful chicken thigh recipe Difficulty: Medium
CHICKEN STIR FRY – Easy, healthy 30-minute dinner recipe! Difficulty: Easy
CHICKEN FAJITAS – The best easy mexican recipe + homemade seasoning Difficulty: Easy
CHICKEN & RICE – Easy & healthy one-pan recipe Difficulty: Medium
CEDAR PLANK SALMON – With maple ginger glaze Difficulty: Medium
CAULIFLOWER RICE TABBOULEH – A healthy, lemony herb salad Difficulty: Easy
CAULIFLOWER MASHED POTATOES – With garlic & herbs, low-carb mashed cauliflower Difficulty: Easy
CABBAGE SOUP – Super easy, vegetarian soup for a healthy diet Difficulty: Easy
BUTTERNUT SQUASH – how to peel & cut + roasted butternut squash (2 ways!) Difficulty: Easy
BROCCOLI SALAD – The perfect party salad recipe Difficulty: Easy
BEST TUNA SALAD RECIPE – Easy & healthy Difficulty: Easy
BEST SHRIMP TACOS – A serious flavor explosion Difficulty: Easy
BEST POTATO SALAD RECIPE – How to make potato salad easy, healthy and delicious! Difficulty: Medium
BEST GRILLED SHRIMP RECIPE – Garlic grilled shrimp skewers – easy! Difficulty: Easy
BEST FRITTATA RECIPE – With vibrant spring vegetables Difficulty: Easy
BEST EVER GUACAMOLE – Easy, fresh, homemade guacamole recipe Difficulty: Easy
BEST EVER CHILI RECIPE – An easy beef chili bursting with flavor Difficulty: Medium
BEST CHICKEN SALAD RECIPE – Easy & healthy Difficulty: Easy
BAKED SALMON – Easy, no-fail recipe with lemon garlic butter Difficulty: Medium
BAKED HALIBUT – my favorite 15-minute halibut recipe Difficulty: Easy
BAKED APPLES – easy baked apples with cinnamon oat filling Difficulty: Easy
BABA GANOUSH – how to make baba ganoush Difficulty: Medium

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Image Name Ratings Difficulty

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